Matt, the studio’s owner, is a very humble, talented, and generous person, and everyone we’ve had the pleasure to meet from the studio in Kyle, Josh, and Bill, have been much of the same. We are forever grateful for the generosity and love they have poured into those we serve and support, and are proud to collaborate on amazing musical experiences to cherish for a lifetime.
— Allies Inc.
...your words left a powerful impression with my daughter. As I shared previously my daughter has Aspergers. She longs to feel quote unquote “normal” and fit in with her peers, as well as make a connection with the world. Her voice has always been the one thing she can use to help her cope, escape, and find confidence..
— Susann Jessie - Parent
Tremendous facility with excellent equipment and wonderfully accommodating staff.
— Andy Pritikin - Owner/Operator Liberty Lake Day Camp
Professional, friendly, knowledgeable staff! My daughter really enjoyed her session! Matt and Josh went above and beyond to make it fun and memorable for my daughter as well as the rest of us that were there with her. Thank you again Matt and Josh for way exceeding my expectations and for all you did to make Tuesday rock!
— Christina Kalm - Parent