Students work with experienced instructors in a professional studio performing activities such as:

  • Recording singing and rapping

  • creating original songs and beats

  • learning to play drums, guitar, bass, and piano

  • learning to use recording equipment

  • creating music videos

  • creating custom cd's for friends and family

  • gaining real life studio experience and knowledge of the music industry


Youth programming

beneficial creative experiences and increased practical knowledge

  • Opportunities for emotional expression in a non-threatening, non-judgemental environment relevant to the interests of the student

  • Esteem building through the accomplishment of creating personalized music and video

  • Development of new or hidden capacities, talents, and skills

  • Leadership development through role and responsibility assignment during sessions which reinforce the importance of cooperation and example setting


PErson centered educational enrichment for youth and adults with special needs

Blue Light assists the student in acquiring, retaining and improving socialization skills, increases the
level of the student’s skills in pro-social creative expression, and strengthens community connections
through interactions with other students and program instructors.

  • Developing socially appropriate behaviors and interpersonal skills, and eliminating maladaptive

  • behaviors

  • Using recreation and leisure time

  • Developing or remediating communication skills

  • Enhancing the mental health

  • Training in assertiveness in dealing with social needs.

Youth enrollment: Services for youth with a developmental disability are available through our current AGENCY partners.

ADULT ENROLLMENT: INCLUSIVE SERVICES FOR ADULTS with a developmental disability ARE AVAILABLE THROUGH THE NJ DEPARTMENT OF DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES "GOODS AND SERVICES" COMPONENT OF AN individual’s isp. FOr additional resources and information or if your agency is interested in referring individuals to our program, please contact us.

School Programming

engaging and innovative programming to supplement music and multimedia curricula  

Blue Light provides s.t.e.m. based field trips for schools. The goal of the experience is to educate students on the methods, thinking, and planning of a recording production by engaging them in hands on activities in a recording studio. At the conclusion of the trip, participants are able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the principal methods of the recording process.

  • Identify the major concepts of what a recording studio is and does, and how artists, engineers and producers utilize the studio to create sound recordings.

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge and synthesis of this experience by participating in the recording process.